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More Than a Thousand Words

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When it came to choose the pictures for this issue we hat quite a job. All the pictures sent us by Alexandra Lucia Sandu were beautiful. What to choose? Should we pick the black/white ones, or the outdoors, or the portraits? Or it would be better to simply pick the 6-7-8 photos we considered the best of all, without any other criteria? C. dada came then with an interesting point of view. She picked the pictures you find below because they told her a story. Sometimes images have this power, I agreed not fully convinced, then I checked her picks. Indeed, there was a storyline hidden in this chain of photographs. I am not sure that I understood from them the same things as C. dada, but the story I see is interesting, too. Perhaps you'll note another, you may also see nothing connecting these pictures, it's not at all a sin. I even wonder whether did their author think of anything like this when sending them to us or not. By the way, I know her art since I discovered her photos with the rabbit [=iepure, in Romanian]. You should check them, too. There's another story linking them, for sure.

Back to the pictures we have in this issue of EgoPHobia. It's still fascinating how one can communicate something by using words arranged in a certain order, something that keeps you reading to its end. Nevertheless, this is not far from being common, almost each of us can at least try to do it, with different results, of course. But when this is done with pictures there is a certain aura of magic surrounding the story. With no letters, each of these photographs can tell us more than a whole bunch of words are able to. Try to describe by your words any of them, without leaving anything away. Then look at these photos. If you still don't feel anything try to imagine how was where they were taken: the grass, the rain, the desire, the music, the happy after.

And a last remark from someone who's said to be a terrible photographer: you can't write a text using only nouns describing things belonging to a single class. The same happens when building a story with photos: pick a dozen or more, even randomly, look at them, think of a possible storyline narrated by some of these pictures and see how can the others fit in. Which can't, flies away. In the end you'll get a story of your own. Even if the pictures are your own or you got them from somewhere, even if your photography skills are very far from Alexandra's, there's nothing to stop you from creating stories by making use only of images, with no words included.

A Story in 8 Photos

Alexandra Lucia Sandu

[Free] © Alexandra Lucia Sandu

[BiDream] © Alexandra Lucia Sandu

[Waltz] © Alexandra Lucia Sandu

[Delia] © Alexandra Lucia Sandu

[Hide Me] © Alexandra Lucia Sandu

[Piano with Wings] © Alexandra Lucia Sandu

[Little Wing] © Alexandra Lucia Sandu

[Morrison] © Alexandra Lucia Sandu

Photoblog Alexandra Lucia Sandu


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